Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Britain’s culture must be quarantined

The evidence is now undeniable; British culture is at death’s door and all it will take to kill it off is one more immigrant, or one fewer grocer using pounds and ounces, or one more sighting of that spine-chilling omen Political Correctness.

Skeptics may shake their heads but it’s true. Did you know that every time a multi-racial partnership is shown on the BBC, five listed building collapse without warning? Or that just one schoolchild learning beginner’s Mandarin causes 10,000 copies of Oliver Twist to spontaneously combust? Or - and here’s the thing ‘New’ Labour are trying to keep under their cloth caps - that if the number of history lessons in which Winston Churchill is mentioned drops below 40%, garlic sausage will become the only legal breakfast foodstuff?

Some may claim that it’s the responsibility of the native population to keep a country’s culture alive. We say RUBBISH! What honest hard-working Brit has time to plough their way through Wuthering Heights when they could be watching South Park? Or has time to cook roast beef and boiled sprouts when they can send out for a curry? Every week, more taxpayers’ money is spent on left-wing intellectual projects like restoring a mouldy old stately home or poking about in yet another viking burial. This is money which should be spent on keeping other cultures OUT of Britain. Only by cutting ourselves off completely will we native Brits keep our heritage from dying out.

Don’t forget: every time a Brussels Eurocrat issues a new directive, Judi Dench dies. FACT.