Monday, 3 January 2011

For your interest and entertainment... are a few things I've been happily distracting myself with over the holidays:
  • Right at this very moment, Amanda Vickery ('er that looks at Georgian 'ouses on the telly) is hosting a very absorbing discussion on her Twitter page about what may attract different kinds of viewers to history documentaries.
  • Yesterday Heresy Corner posted an excellent Cluedo-based parody of the media's sneering, marginalising (yes, to the point of demonising) coverage of a murder suspect.
  • There's also a very useful post on Banksy's Blog explaining how the current Contempt of Court legislation came about, and what it means for newspapers covering cases such as the murder of Joanna Yeates. It's worth reading through some older posts there too, as quite complex matters (for example libel reform) are clearly and engagingly explained.
  • I've also been reading through the archives of Primly Stable and The Web of Evil, to make up for only having come across both blogs so late in the year.
Meanwhile, I'm working on a rather large skeptics-related post designed to rock your world. So find a good cup-holder (but don't hold your breath).