Wednesday, 17 November 2010


My head's a mess. Here are some people who've made sense recently*:

  • Tabloid Watch and Angry Mob, both give excellent examples of shoddy and potentially dangerous health reporting in the papers.
  • Avocados on Toast ends in the following very good point about Lib Dems being used as human shields and far too many people shooting right at them:
"I know it's easy and it's rational, because of the narrative of betrayal, but it's unfortunate that it's led to those who are actually the leading party of government - who never opposed raising fees in the first place and would clearly have done this anyway with or without the Lib Dems - getting off scot free."
  • Usually fairly calm about these things on Creepy Guys, Nice Guys and The System. Any day now I'll have thought of some way to respond that doesn't involve bashing humanity's collective heads together.
Also, take a look at How to be a Retronaut. I stumbled across the site this afternoon and am going to have to set aside most of Sunday to wallow in it. Lovely stuff.

*Which isn't to say they don't make sense usually. Mess. My head. Told you it was.

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