Saturday, 2 May 2009

Guess the paper

Now here's a surprise:

  • It's a story about public funds being wasted.
  • It contains a quote from the Taxpayers' Alliance.
  • It suggests that the findings are just common sense.
  • It's linked to from the front page under the sarcastic heading: Science advances - ducks 'like water'
  • There's no evidence that the words 'like water' appeared in the original research.
  • An amusing picture of a duckling takes up rather a lot of space.
  • You have to wait until the end of the article to find out the real, useful point of the research.
  • In no way can the title be considered an accurate summary of these scientific findings.

So in which tabloid can this shrieking piece of anti-public-funded-science fluff be found?

The Guardian

On the other hand, at least they're not warning working mums that their house-husbands might be cheating on them.

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